Give back to nature what nature gives us

In each packaging , you will find, separated from its green counterparts, a small red capsule.  A little patience , it is not for you. At least not right away.

This capsule, we would very much like you to put it in the ground, water it and give it light, and then enjoy what it will offer you. More than a gift for you, it is a modest present that we want to give to nature. Thank her for everything she gives us, by involving you in the process.

Find out here what is hidden in your red capsule, and especially how to take care of it.

Calendula officinalis


Better known as marigold, calendula officinalis is a plant with flowers ranging from yellow to orange. Edible, its flowering can last all year round.

Calendula officinalis has the advantage to grow in almost any type of soil, indoors or outdoors, and can withstand the heat as long as the soil remains cool. On the other hand, it fears the frost. Ideally, plant – the March-May, 1 cm deep in a place with good sun exposure.

Once planted, water it regularly enough to keep the soil moist. The first buds will emerge 5 to 7 days after planting.

  • Edible leaves and flowers, ideal for garnishing salads or decorating sorbets.
  • Medicinal properties: antiviral, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant
  • Odor that keeps certain insects, such as aphids, from the vegetable garden.