What does "100% natural" mean?

We are proud to be able to offer you products that, in addition to being made entirely of plants, are also 100% natural. But what is a 100% natural food supplement?

It is simply a food supplement whose ingredients are 100% vegetable and whose active substances have not undergone physicochemical extraction in order to be isolated.  As such, all the active substances of a plant are found in their simplest form, which is then called “total powder”, and can thus be fully expressed, with synergies at stake!

In contrast to this 100% natural recipe, the industry generally subjects plants to a physical and/or chemical extraction (based on ethanol, methanol, chloroform, etc.) of the main active substance. This process therefore uses only one of the active ingredients in the plant. More complex, invasive and often altering the very essence of a plant, this method targets one molecule of the plant and extracts it to obtain more concentrated elements…

Why did we choose the “100% natural” use?

The 100% natural use allows the synergies that exist in the natural state between the different molecules of the plant to remain intact. It is precisely these synergies that are responsible for the therapeutic effects of the plant or parts of the plant, so that if they are altered, the ingredient loses (in whole or in part) its effect.

In short! Let’s favour the very essence of nature 🌿🛡️💪

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