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Audrey Liégeois – Deddyandco

Audrey alias Deddy defines herself as a “crazy mom with a tender heart”. Creative at heart, this Spaniard makes you discover, via her blog and her social networks: appetizing recipes approved by her little family (the “Team Chouket”), beauty and well-being products, all in spontaneity, good humor and a refreshing naturalness!

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Alessia Amodio – Drink & lipstick

When asked to describe herself in a few words, Alessia says she is “touching, passionate, happy as a clam and completely offbeat”. Having started her blog in 2011 out of a passion for fashion, she has since migrated a large part of it to Instagram, which allows her to more quickly and easily share her many passions and discoveries. Constantly positive, the energy that Alessia sends back through her content is definitely contagious!

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